Sunday, September 7, 2008


Having survived Hurricane Katrina in South Louisiana and it's aftermath (which was probably the worst year in my life) I found solace and comfort in the wonderful friends that I've made over the years in Second Life. Some of those friends I opened my heart to and shared many personal stories and experiences with.

The the possibility of another nightmare was revisited last week with the arrival of Gustav on the South Louisiana coast. I was one of the fortunate ones this time, but so many people again have lost their homes to the destructive power of a hurricane.

On it's tail now comes Hanna who is battering the East Coast and soon to be followed by Ike who will likely enter the gulf again. Having lived thru a hurricane I can truly say that I would never ever wish that kind of horror on another individual, no matter what my relationship is with them.

Having said that, the last paragraph that I found on this blog post just stuns me. Not only because I know it's directed at me personally, but just the overall nastiness of it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking a vacation

I'm going to be away from the theater for the month of July, taking a bit of a vacation you could say.

SCT has been open for almost a year and a half now, and the shows and schedules have grown. Finding reliable help has been difficult and doing it all on my own has been a drain.

I love the music, the support that I've received from the fans and the musicians has been overwhelming and touching but as it stands now I'm heading down a path that I can't afford.

There have been lots of discussions on fees and costs in the SLMC in the past and on the SL forums. Discussions of venues opening and closing.

Live Music, for the venue owner is simply a loosing proposition in SL. Unless you have other means of income, like rentals or you're a venue owned by a musician and supported by his/her income the cost of staying in business is simply prohibitive. Add the stress of worrying about how to pay for it, failed promises of support, plus the hours and hours of work involved and burnout is just around the corner.

So I'm going to take the month of July off and reassess what I'm trying to accomplish and where I stand. I may come back with a different business model, or not at all. I may have to get a RL job to help support my addiction to SL and live music, in which case my activities will be curtailed anyway.

I figure I'll get it figured out... :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fable Sinatra Mega Wedding

The big day finally arrived!! OMG, what fun.... Fable Sinatra, the awesome little goth girl from the UK, just prior to her performance at Sailors Cove Theater, married a group of 53 friends and fans.

Ceremonies began with Soundcircel Flannagan taking the stage and playing the wedding march. If you've never heard Sound play his guitar you are missing out on something incredible. When Fable took the stream, Tessa Amos, our naughty nun officiant read out the vows, the crowd answered I DO and it was done, Fable added 53 more wifey's to the every growing family. Fable gave all of her new wifey's rings, and Sound passed out one of a kind T-shirts to celebrate the day.

Mucho thanks to Sound and Tessa, without whom this could never have taken place!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Special Event at Sailors Cove Theater

Posting this early so folks can get ready..... we're going all out wacky on Monday night at Sailors Cove..... See, last week during his show he got a wild hair up his....hat.... and decided to put up the money for a hat contest.... now how whacked is that?

Where: Sailors Cove Theater
When: Monday June 6, 2008 7:00 pm
Who: Vaughan Michalak Performing

Prizes: 1st Place- 250L
2nd Place- 500L
3rd Place- 1000L

Vaughan Michalak plays fun, ROFL funny and sometimes (funny) tragic songs. A RL musician in sunny Florida does covers of songs you never heard of from artists you've never heard of.

RULES: Hat can not be over 10 Meters wide or tall (no megaprims)
Hat can not consist of more than 10 prims
Hat must be a hat (don't wear a house or a boat)
Hat must be worn on your head
Clothing must be worn with the hat
Clothing must be worn if you're not wearing a hat (Jehovah Witness Strippers excluded)
Regular Suicide answering machine will be in place (the star button may not be working due to over use)

Judging to take place at 7:45, you must be there to win!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What to do.....

Agg..... SL is eating my laptop .... well not really... well, sort of... Between my fan squealing like crazy and my video driver going on the fritz, the last couple of days have been a nightmare. I've had to send my laptop to HP for repairs and have been using Bent's.... I will never again, I swear, complain about his complaining..... this really really sucks and as soon as I can afford it I'm going to buy him a new one...

Getting into SL has been awful and I've basically stayed out of world as much as possible. Last Thursdays shows were exhausting and I never want to do that again....

Fortunately good news has come down the pipe today, my laptop is on it's way back to me (YAY!!).... I should receive it by tomorrow afternoon... and I've vowed to sit out on the dock all day until it arrives (give me a chance to get some color on my legs, I've been cooped up down below for waaay too long :)

So tomorrow night I'm gonna celebrate and party big time during my shows.... YAY!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


They whisper in secret, spreading their venom, striking fear, questioning, accusing, abusing. Some succumb, not questioning, believing the lies, the hate, the misery. Some just remain silent in fear of rejection or fear of exposure or just in response to the age old guilt trip.

They demand a decision, taking of sides, accuse betrayal in disagreement when it's actually their own actions are betraying the friendship.

Who does this to a friend? Who empowers these petty, insecure little whisperers? Why are they empowered? Why are some so afraid to stand up and say enough is enough.

A friend stands by you, a friend is there when you need them, a friend makes no demands, a friend does not demand a choice between them or others, a friend just loves.

I am here if you need me, I will answer your questions, I do not hide and I do not demand loyalty you are free. I am the same as I've always been except perhaps a little stronger than before...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Show Day

Maximillion Kleene, originally uploaded by Jojamela Soon.

Thursdays are my big show days at the Cove and yesterday was no exception. I had a great lineup of regulars and specials, nine whole hours of live music with lots of great tunes and great fans.

I started the day a bit frazzled. RL got into the way and I got stuck on the road making myself late for DaveCorbett Darwin's show at 11am SLT. I dot there about 20 minutes after show start time and found that Dave wasn't streaming yet. We worked out the problem and Dave put on a great set. It was at this show that I finally had the pleasure to meet LittleNoisyFox, what an absolute delight!!! Soon as I saw him I threw out a tiny critters dance machine so he and another tiny that showed up were able to dance.... I wish I had gotten a picture, I always have so many IM's going on all at the same time, plus trying to pay attention to the show, somehow the pictures just seem to fall into the background.

Fable Sinatra

Huge lineup of shows, starting with Davecorbett Darwin at 11am, Fyrm Fouroux at 1pm, Joaquin Gustav at 2, the awesome Fable Sinatra at 3. After an hour break we continued with Vincent Merricks at 5, Maximillion Kleene at 6 (this was totally awesome, cause Max is known for jamming with musicians all around the world and this show was no exception. First he brought in Digby Smalls for one song, and then Keiko Takamura, who had just shown up for her set for another.... what a treat!!) Keiko took the stage a bit late and was followed by Winters Kanto and Heath Elvehjem. All together a great day of music!!