Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dancing with Bent

Bent and I are very excited! We went shopping day before yesterday and finally got him new skin, shape and hair. Oh my! He's looking sooooo good :). You won't believe the compliments that I've received in IM about his new look. Diana calls him King George of Bent (hehe) with his silver hair and beard he's looking more the statesman than the thug.

To celebrate, we dressed up and went to a Heath Elvehjem concert at Club Neptune and danced all evening..... boy, do I feel pretty next to him :)

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Mikeyb said...

Boy you sure know how to inflate my ego. Remember this is an AVI, I am still more in love with you each day. Whether I am grey haired or thuggish. I will try to be more King George of Bent than Asp Hole of Fisher Island.......

The Former
Asp / Newly Skinned Bent